Two elements are responsible for bonding the tile in place, one is a mortar, and the other is grout. Mortar forms the lower bed for the tile and handles the tile’s structural stability. Once the mortar has completely dried, grout is added between the tiles. This is necessary to add structural integrity and fill any gaps that might be present.

As all tiles are different, so is the grout needed to seal them in place. Therefore, you need to decide between sanded vs unsanded tile grout before getting to work.

Is Sanded Grout Better Than Unsanded?

Sanded grout is made up of fine sand and is usually the option for most tiling projects. This is most suited for creating wider grout lines. Unsanded grout, on the other hand, contains no sand and is the go-to option for thin grout lines and delicate tile surfaces. So, read further to decide between sanded vs unsanded tile grout.

Sanded Tile Grout

♦ Pros

1) Sanded tile grout is cheaper compared to unsanded tile grout.

2) They have denser joints.

3) You have more color options to choose from sanded tile grout.

♦ Cons

1) Sanding tile grout can scratch the surface.

2) It is also more difficult to get them into the seams.

3) They have to be sealed with a PH-neutral penetrating sealer.

Unsanded Tile Grout

♦ Pros

1) These have fewer slumps on vertical surfaces.

2) Unsanded tile grout preserves tile surfaces better.

3) In some applications, grout sealing is not required.

♦ Cons

1) This method is more expensive than sanded grout.

2) They also have less color options.

3) When you apply to wider seams, there is a risk of slumps.

Can I Use Sanded Grout On Glossy Tile?

It is not advisable to use sanded grout on glossy tiles as they carry the risk of scratching the surface. Thus, manufacturers recommend doing a patch test first in an area that is not visible before you use sanded grout on your beautiful tiles.

Besides this, plenty of things can go wrong when we lack the correct knowledge. For instance, you could damage your tiles, deciding between sanded vs unsanded tile grout. You wouldn’t know how to avoid damage while cleaning grout. Thus, it is beneficial to both if you let professionals take the burden away from you.

We have the right tools to avoid damaging your grout while cleaning it. Our team at Infinity Carpet Care has the experience and expertise to know which grout is best suited for your tiles. We use eco-friendly products that are gentle on your tiles.

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