How to Avoid Damage When Cleaning Grout?

How to Avoid Damage When Cleaning Grout
November 23, 2020

Floor tiles give an elegant look to the house. The grout protects and gives a nice finishing look to the tiles. But once the dirt starts to accumulate on the grout, the crevices appear grime and dull.

Well! To clean the floors regularly is one aspect. The attempt to clean using the DIY tricks is brave, but what if the water remains inside? It will invite further problems such as mold and bacteria.

Another issue that could arise is the damage to tile floors. To get rid of the grey deposits in between the lines can be a tough task. To restore the tiles, a proper grout cleaning is required. Hence, learn here the tips for how to avoid damage when cleaning grout.

Know How To Avoid Damage When Cleaning Grout

1. Use Mild Cleaners

  • Mix 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. Spray over the affected areas,
  • Mix together hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to form a paste-like solution
    Using a small brush, apply the solution, and scrub appropriately. Use a mop or a damp cloth to wipe out the cleaning solution.

2. Use The Correct Tools

By using harsh tools to clean, you will permanently damage your floors. Use of a soft-bristled brush is recommended as it does not hurt the surface. Scrubbers made out of metal or coarse material are rough on the grout.

3. Seal The Grout After Cleaning

Once the grout is cleaned, you should seal the grout. This will protect against mold formation and bacteria growth. Also, the sealant will prevent damage from water, dirt, harmful chemicals, and over-scrubbing.

4. Hire A Professional Team

Grout Cleaning Company Roseville

By hiring a professional service you are assured about

  • Well-trained and experienced staff to repair the grout.
  • Repair the defective grout with the latest equipment.
  • A deep cleaning may not be possible using DIY methods, hence professional tile grout cleaning is required.
  • After the grout cleaning is complete, the team applies the sealant followed by a proper examination.
  • Finally, disinfecting and sanitizing is done to protect the grout area.

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