How Much Does A Professional Tile Grout Repair Service Cost?

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October 19, 2021

Tiles do not just cover the floors, but they provide an artistic look to your house. Although they are tough but catch dirt and grime frequently. This causes them to crack or deteriorate.

Additionally, the moisture creates bigger cracks, which increases the growth of mold. That’s why it is necessary to repair the tiles on time. As a result, hiring a professional tile grout repair service can help you.

While most people are reluctant to hire professionals because of high service charges. Because they don’t know that the tile and grout repair cost depends on various factors. Learn below more about it.

What Is The Cost Of Fixing Tiles?

The repairing of tiles can cost up to $200-$600. However, the price of repairing the tiles is affected by many factors. These include the number of tiles that have to be repaired, location, labor rates, etc.

Some tile and grout repair experts charge higher hourly rates than others based on their experience and expertise. Meanwhile, the tile location which you want to repair also affects the price.

⇒ Floor Tiles

The cost of repairing floor tiles is expensive. The cost of repairing depends on the amount of work being done. For instance, sometimes the entire floor has to be replaced if the water damages the sub-flooring.

⇒ Pool Tiles

Repairing pool tiles can cost up to $25-$30 per square foot. However, the price of the tile grout repair service depends upon the size of the pool and the tiles type. Repairing a middle-sized pool can go up to $4000.

⇒ Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles are mostly small and inexpensive. The average cost of bathroom tiles can cost up to $100-$150. However, the cost varies depending upon the size and type of tiles.

⇒ Grout Repairing

Avoid damaging grout while cleaning as they are delicate. The cost of grout repair is greatly affected by the extent of damage and size of the repair. The average cost of grout repair is between $100-$200.

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