Are Urine Fumes Harmful To Your Health?

Are Urine Fumes Harmful To Your Health
July 6, 2021

Pets are a lovely addition to any home. They bring with them a lot of warmth, loyalty, and love. But with them at home, you will notice a distinct smell whenever you near their bed or playing area.

This smell only increases over time if you don’t keep your home clean, especially the parts where your pet hangs out the most. Sometimes, pets also urinate inside the house, causing it to smell bad.

So, are urine fumes harmful to your health? Yes, they are. Read the article to know more.

Urine Odor Health Hazard That Pet Owners Should Know

♦ Health Issues in The Residents

Pet urine contains a large amount of ammonia, which irritates your lungs if you are exposed to it for the long term. This will make people with weak immunity prone to sickness, especially kids and the elderly. It can cause various health issues, like:
⇒ A burning feeling in your throat and respiratory pipe.
⇒ Can cause cough, cold, asthma, etc.
⇒ Skin rashes and eye irritation.
⇒ Fatigue and nauseous.

♦ Bad Smell in Your House

Ammonia is a pungent-smelling chemical. So, when a pet pees inside your home, the pet urine smell spreads all across the house. So, how long does urine smell last? It will last for weeks, till you clean the stained area. However, you can use home remedies for dog urine smell removal to mask the smell.

♦ A Rise in Bacteria & Viruses

With pee stain, you will notice a drastic rise in bacteria and viruses inside your home. So, people with good immunity won’t have any problem with it but what about kids and old people? For them, this is a dangerous situation, hence you need a pet urine odor eliminator to have a healthy and odor-free home.

♦ Chances of Mold Growth

Pet urine stains, if not cleaned properly and on time, can shoot up the growth of mold in your house. It will affect the health of the residents as mold spores cause many respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, skin and eye irritation. All of this can be deadly in the long run.

How Do Professional Pet Odor Removal Services Help?

After learning about how urine fumes are harmful to your health, you need to find an optimum way to get rid of them. A professional pet odor removal service can help you do that. Professionals use pet and environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes to remove pet odor from your home effectively.

In the Roseville area, Infinity Carpet Care can help you with the removal of pet odor. Our professional pet odor cleaners are trained and equipped with the latest cleaning equipment to provide the best quality service to you.

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