Like many people, you also love to have a pet in your home, and you may consider your pet a part of your family. However, it is not as simple as it appears because with pets in your house, there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, particularly related to cleanliness. And for that, you should choose a reliable Pet Odor Eliminator that ensures that your house’s environment is clean and healthy.

You love your pets and allow them to play everywhere, like on carpets, upholsteries, or on the floors of your house. Then how do you deal with the unusual pet accidents? Read the blog to find out how to remove pet odor from the carpet at home.

Steps For Removing Pet Odor From Carpet At Home

  1. Whenever your pet accidentally urinates on the carpet, soak the urine immediately from the affected area with a paper towel. Put a paper towel on the puddle and dab the carpet gently. So that all the urine gets absorbed in the towel.
  2. Take the paper towel out of your home after using it to avoid all the bad lingering smells. Now, use any good enzymatic cleaner and Pet Smell Remover on the stained part of the carpet. This cleaner can easily break down the molecules of the pet urine to eliminate the musty odor.
  3. Take baking soda into a bowl. Sprinkle the powder liberally on the affected damp area of the carpet. As baking soda is a natural cleanser, so leave the powder as it is overnight on your carpet. Vacuum the carpet the next day.
  4. Remember that, after cleaning and vacuuming, you should allow your carpet to dry out properly. Open the window of your house and switch on the fans to improve the air circulation in the room.
  5. If the stain is too old and deep inside your carpet, use a mixture of cold water and an enzymatic cleaner. Then, clean the stains with this cold water mixture. Apply wet vacuuming process and then dry the carpet properly.

Why Pet Odor Deposits On The Carpets?

Nowadays, you can find pet-proof carpets that are easier to clean and last longer. Most of the time, these carpets can withstand the impacts of severe scrubbing. Along with this, you can also find several pet-specific cleaning products and Pet Odor Neutralizers that allow you to find the solution to the problem of removing stains just in one attempt.

Pet odor is a problem regardless of which cleaning product you are using. Dogs are worse than cats, when it comes to spreading dirt and dander on the carpet. Unlike cats, who may spend most of their time inside the house, dogs can move in and out repeatedly. They bring in the dirt, which contributes to more odor and stains.

Grab The Top-Notch Professional Pet Odor Removal Services in Roseville!

Now, you might know how to remove pet odor from the carpet. But, if the problem continues, then seek the help of professionals. We at Infinity Carpet Care provide the best professional pet odor removal services at Roseville, CA, location. We have a well-trained and experienced staff that can remove all hard stains and odors from your carpet.

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