DIY vs. Professional Pet Odor Removal: A Guide by Infinity Carpet Care

DIY vs. Professional Pet Odor Removal: A Guide by Infinity Carpet Care
September 24, 2023

We know dealing with pet stains and odors can be challenging. One of the dilemmas most of you might go through is choosing between doing it yourself or hiring pros.

Know here the major considerations for the comparison between DIY vs. Professional Pet Odor Removal, right from our expert team of Infinity Carpet Care. Read on to make a better decision!

DIY vs. Professional Pet Odor Removal: What To Choose?

⇒ Effective removal


When our clients attempt to DIY, we often find them complaining about the lingering odors that still remain even after cleanup.

The problem with DIY pet odor removal is that most people use store-bought products that just mask the odor, which returns once the product wears off.

We’ve also noticed homemade solutions not working if the stains are stubborn. That leads to ineffective removal.


On the other hand, when you hire professionals for pet odor removal, they ensure to use enzyme-based spot cleaning and deodorization products that break down the urine molecules and work on the source of odors instead of masking them. That neutralizes the smell thoroughly, helping you get rid of pet odors effectively.

⇒ Knowledge & expertise


We recently encountered a stubborn pet stain on one of our clients’ carpets, which was found to be cleaned with hot water, worsening the odors.

Dealing with pet stains and odors requires knowledge to get it done in the right way, which is also different for different materials.

Most DIYers may not have that knowledge and expertise and can end up making mistakes, which, in turn, makes the problem worse.


Whereas, if you opt for our expert odor removal, we have a skilled team of trained experts. They are equipped with the knowledge to use the right tools, solutions, and methods to get rid of pet odors from your house.

With their expertise, you can rest assured that the odors will be removed the right way.

⇒ Time and effort


We know how frustrating it is to deal with those musty odors. Homeowners spend hours of elbow grease to remove the stains and yet do not get the desired results.

So, when opting to go for DIY pet odor removal, keep in mind that it is going to be time-consuming as well as laborious.


On the other hand, experts have years of experience and expertise to deal with pet stains and odors in a time-efficient manner. They also have the right tools and solutions that get them removed in the very first go.

They can do it in almost half the amount of time you may take, and this saves you a lot of time.

⇒ Disinfection


Eliminating pet stains and odors is not just about the smell, pet urine contains bacteria and germs too. The DIY approach just focuses on getting rid of the smell and the germs still keep lingering on the surface.


Professionals, on the contrary, employ a more systematic approach involving cleaning and deodorization along with complete disinfection. They ensure not just the stains and odors are removed but the surfaces are germ-free as well.

⇒ Chances of damage


Not treating the pet odors correctly can lead to damage to the surface because not all products are safe for your material.

People get lured by commercial deodorizers and end up damaging their surface just like, for instance, one of our clients ruined their carpet with a store-bought carpet powder.

Most carpet powders are not safe because they just mask the odor and leave a residue, which damages the fibers as well as attracts dirt.


When it comes to experts, such amateur chances of damage are not there. They know what exactly will work to eliminate the pet odors safely so your valuables are not damaged and the stains are also removed. We always prefer to use green solutions that are effective and safe.

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