How To Keep A Home Pet Odor Free? : Tips By Infinity Carpet Care

How To Keep A Home Pet Odor Free? : Tips By Infinity Carpet Care
July 20, 2023

In a pet-friendly city like Roseville, it is common for homes to have furry beings. And where there are pets, their musty odors are common too. From pet stains to dander, pet owners often look for a way to keep their home odor-free.

If you’re also among them, this blog can help. Here are some tips by our Infinity Carpet Care experts to keep your home smelling fresh despite having your furry friends living.

Expert Tips To Keep A Home Pet Odor Free

1. Maintaining Pets

No matter how clean your home is, if your pet is wandering dirty, it will keep smelling all the time. The severity of the pet odor in your home will depend on the care you take for your pets.

This includes their regular bathing, brushing pet hair, trimming their nails, and keeping them clean. Washing your pets not only prevents the spread of germs but is also one of the best tips for removing pet odor from your home.

2. Pet Training

Strengthen your pet’s training. Agreed that the occasional pet accidents are normal, training well can avoid as many as possible. Our pros recommend giving your pet a treat when it does its job at the right place. This will prevent it from staining every other place coming its way.

3. Quick Action On Stains

When your pet stains your floors, carpets, or upholstery, it’s crucial to attend to it immediately. The longer the stain sits, the worse the odor will be. Moreover, pet urine contains ammonia and bacteria that can make the smell stronger as it bonds with the fabrics. So clean up the solids quickly and blot clean the stains quickly with a stain remover to get rid of the smell.

4. Using The Right Products

Using products that mask the odors instead of working on the source will keep the smells lingering and coming back. Our Infinity Carpet Care professionals recommend cleaning with the right products to thoroughly eliminate the stains as well as the smell, preferably enzymatic cleaners. They break down the stain molecules, eliminating the odors effectively.

5. Preferring Easy-To-Clean Materials

Although prompt cleaning can prevent strong smells, material types can help better. You should opt for carpet and upholstery materials that are easy to clean so absorb less odor.

For example, a leather couch is much better than a velvet one to repel pet dander and promote easy cleaning. Because the easier the cleaning, the better the odor elimination.

Also, having stain-protecting layers on your carpets and upholstery can prevent absorption. This will give you more time to clean the stains and prevent worsening odors.

6. Clearing Pet Dander Regularly

Pet hairs, skin cells, etc., can easily stick everywhere. Accumulation of dander can also cause odors as it contains bacteria and yeast. So, it is crucial to clean your commonly used areas and furniture thoroughly and regularly. We suggest vacuuming your carpets and upholstery at least twice a week to clear off the dander.

7. Cleaning Your Dog’s Bed

The major source of the odor can be your pet’s bed as well. It is obvious to find it smelly as your pet spends most of its time there. However, to keep it germ-free and avoid spreading odors in your home, clean/wash your pet’s bed at least once a month. This will also keep your furry friend clean and tidy.

8. Ventilate!

One of the best ways to keep your home pet odor free is to ventilate your home. Proper air circulation helps push out musty odors from your indoor air. So, ensure to have your fans and HVAC turned on. You can even open the windows to let the sunlight enter which is again a natural way to keep odors at bay.

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