How To Select The Carpet For Living Room?

How To Select The Carpet For Living Room
April 26, 2021

Carpets are the perfect flooring option for any room, only if you select the right one. You have to understand, carpets don’t just act as a floor covering, they also play some role in the overall aesthetics and environment of the room. Hence, the selection of the right carpet becomes a major topic of discussion.

To help ease your selection process, here are 7 tips to select the carpet for the living room.  

7 Tips & Tricks To Select The Best Carpet For Living Room

♦ The Durability of The Carpet

The living room is the most crowded space in the house. So, if you are selecting a carpet for this room, it should be durable, or else it won’t last long. Durability is measured by density rating, tuft twist, and the face weight of the carpet.       

♦ The Material of The Carpet

Carpets come in various materials. They can either be natural or synthetic. The most common materials preferred for living room carpet are polyester, olefin, nylon, triexta, etc.         

♦ Carpet Construction  

Style and pile make the base of any carpet. Piles are either uncut (looped) or cut (plush). Style is present in cut piles and can be smooth, twisted, textured, or shagged. Besides these, there are many other styles and piles present in the market.  

♦ Cleaning Process of The Carpet  

A carpet withstands all kinds of stains, wear and tear, muddy shoes, etc, that you need to clean the carpets regularly. Choose a carpet that you can clean easily or you may face the problem of reappearance of carpet stains even after cleaning.

Cleaning Process of Leaving Room Carpet  

♦ The Softness of The Carpet  

If you have kids or pets, or you have a family that enjoys sitting on the carpeted floor, then you want to check the softness of the carpet fiber. Some manufacturers make fine fiber carpets to provide more softness.

♦ Color of The Carpet

The look of the living room matters a lot because you entertain your guest there. As a result, your carpet color should match well with the interior of your living room. Luckily, you can find a carpet of any color these days.   

♦ Size of The Carpet

Some carpet manufacturers provide the carpet in rolls and some in squared-tile shape. If you know the size and design of your room, you can check which of the two suits you best and you can make the purchase accordingly.

End Words:

We hope we could help you in selecting the best carpet for your living room. But after you install the carpet, you need professional help to clean and maintain it. So, when the time comes, book us to clean your carpet.

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