How to Remove Dents in Wool Carpets?

Remove Dents in Wool Carpets

Keeping heavy furniture for a long time may cause dents in the carpets, which gives a dull appearance due to regular wear and tear and reduces its lifespan.

Before your carpet shows signs of replacement, you need to take quick actions. To prevent your carpet from such damage, read this blog to learn about various methods to remove dents in wool carpets.

Five Ways to Remove The Dents from Wool Carpets

1. Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Whether you have a small or big dent formed on the carpet, ice cubes can help you to remove them. Place the ice cubes on the marks and allow them to sit and soak in the fibers for a few hours.

The number of ice cubes to use depends on the size of the dents. More major the indent, the more ice cubes to use. Later, take a sponge to remove the excess water and lift the damaged carpet fibers.

2. Steam Iron

Steam Iron

Make the dented area wet and place a clean towel over it. Move a medium-temperature steam iron gently across the cloth and avoid doing it on the carpet directly, as it might cause damage to your carpet.

Once the dent goes away, lift the carpet fibers with a spoon. You can also use the iron where the water is filled in it. While steaming, a medium temperature is recommended as it will not cause any damage to your cloth or carpet.

3. Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer

Spray some water on the dented area until the fibers get soaked up. Blow the air with the dryer and start fluffing the carpet with your fingers.

By this, the dents will get removed, and you will have your old fluffy carpet back to life. Dryers always help you increase the volume of your hair. This can be done with your carpet, as well.

4. Damp Towel

Damp Towel

Place the damp towel on the dent, drive the heated iron over it for a couple of minutes, and just be sure that you don’t burn the carpet.

The carpet fiber from the damaged surface will stick up to the towel. Keep it as it is until the carpet dries. End up vacuuming the carpets and fluffing the fibers to get better results.

5. Hire Professional

Hire Professional

Woolen carpets are delicate and require special care. It is unacceptable that your carpets get dented and you need to keep removing the dents by using DIY methods.

Due to its delicacy, your pretty wool carpets might get damaged and cost to get replaced with a new one. Thus, it is better to hire a professional that ensures a clean carpet without causing any damage and prevents it from getting replaced.

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