When you leave your furniture on the carpet for years, dents are created over the wool carpet. However, the dent can be caused due to the movement of your heavy furniture from one end to another. These carpet divots that are caused by heavy and constant pressure, may seem irreversible, but with our super-simple methods, you can get your carpet surface back to its original appearance in no time.

Removing dents on your own is not a difficult task, but special attention is always necessary while performing your job. Here you will learn about how to remove dents in wool carpets.

Simple DIY Tips To Remove Dents From Your Wool Carpets

Apply Ice Cube

Place the ice cube on your carpet dent, wait for some time, or till the cube melts completely. Now, take a sponge to soak the excess water available on your surface, with the help of a spoon or coin. Then uplift the carpet fiber gently.

Steam Iron

Steam Iron

Depending on the size of your carpet dent, lay a clean cloth over the surface. Gently steam heat the iron and make sure you do not place the iron directly to the dent. Try to spoon up the carpet fibers slowly.

Blow It Up With Dryer

Dryers always help you increase the volume in your hair. This can be done with your carpet, as well. Spray the water enough to saturate the carpet fiber. Then use the hairdryer appliance to blow-dry the damp area. As the carpet dries, fluff up the fibers with your fingers.

Use Damp Towel

Lay off the hand cotton towel on your large divot, gently run your heat iron over the towel. The fiber will start to spring up under the towel, leaving the towel over the surface until it dries. Vacuum the affected area so that the fibers of your carpets are lifted up to its maximum height.

Looking For The Best Carpet Repairing Service In Roseville?

The carpets divot can be increased by every passing day and will cost you for the replacement of the new carpet. Regardless of the size of the dent, the precaution should be taken immediately when you notice it on your carpet. Woolen carpets are more delicate and require special care.

Without being late, reach out to the professionals at Infinity Carpet Care, who holds experience in repairing and removing all types of carpet dents. Call us today to book an appointment at (916) 289-0177. For more updates on how to remove dents in wool carpet, follow our Facebook page.

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