What You Should Not Do For Tile And Grout Cleaning?


Indeed, the tile flooring will make your home look beautiful. Tiles suit all sorts of architectural styles and stay lustrous. There are numerous types and colors of tiles. They are the most convenient and low-maintenance flooring option. Yet you will need tile and grout cleaning once a year.

Tiles stay clean with regular sweeping and mopping. But at times, you need to clean it professionally. You may know your best way to clean tile grout daily at home. But, sometimes, a little hard scrubbing or the incorrect use of chemicals can discolor or ruin the look of your tiles. So, learn here the don’ts of tile and grout cleaning.

Things You Should Not Do While Tile And Grout Cleaning

Do Deep Cleaning Through Sweeping And Mopping

Every homeowner sweeps and mops the floors daily to clean them. But, still, you will readily observe the black dirt and grime deposits inside the grout lines. Why does this happen? Regular sweeping or mopping removes the surface dirt and light stains only. It is an efficient technique to maintain cleanliness but does not work as a deep cleaning technique.

Thus, avoid relying solely on sweeping and mopping. You need to opt for professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Use Harmful Chemicals To Remove Stains

Many people try to use toxic chemical cleaners to remove stubborn stains or sticky residue on the tiles. They apply bleach or acid to their grout lines to remove the black dirt inside them. Using such harmful chemicals can harm the health of your family members and kids or pets at home. Kids and pets play on the floors all day long. They are bound to come into contact with these chemicals readily.

Some of these chemicals can cause skin burns or worsen allergy symptoms. Make sure to use only green cleaning solutions on your floors. Else, hire the best tile and grout cleaner in the town.

Scrubbing With Wire Brushes For Removing Grime in Grouts

If the chemical cleaners don’t work, people use wire brushes to remove the dust and stains from grouts. Scrubbing the grouts with wire brushes will remove the sealing. It will temporarily remove the stains but make your tiles and grouts more prone to harmful particles.

Eroded grout lines are a haven for mold and germs. When caulking is missing from the grout lines, the tile layout is prone to damage. Your tiles may come off or break. You would need to seal the tiles right away.

Thus, never use a wire brush on grout lines. Always use a good quality grout cleaner and a soft-bristled brush. Work your way in the grout gently. Rinse with plain water. It is the best way to clean tile grout. It will effectively clean the grouting without damaging it.

Do Grout Pens Work?

Yes, grout pens are easy and effective in use. But, it is a temporary solution to a problem. If you do it incorrectly, it might cost you much. So, do not use any harmful chemicals or any other hacks if you are inexperienced with them. Because it will not only reduce the shine of your tile flooring but will also reduce its lifetime.

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