Indeed, the tile flooring will make your home look beautiful. Also, to maintain its beauty, proper cleaning is needed. You may know your best way to clean tile grout daily at home. But, sometimes a little hard scrubbing or wrong use of chemicals can discolor or ruin the look of your tiles. So, learn here the don’ts of tile and grout cleaning.

Things You Should Not Do While Tile And Grout Cleaning

1.Do Deep Cleaning Through Sweeping And Mopping

Every homeowner does sweeping and mopping of tile flooring daily to clean them. But, still, you will easily observe the black dirt and grime deposits inside the grout lines. Why does this happen? It is because regular sweeping or mopping is only good to remove the dirt and light stains from the tiles. They will just maintain cleanliness in the house but are not sufficient to perform deep cleaning.

2.Use Harmful Chemicals To Remove Stains

Many people try to use toxic chemical cleaners for removing stubborn stains or sticky residue on the tiles. They apply bleach or acid in their grout lines to remove the black dirt inside them. Using such harmful chemicals can harm the health of your family members and kids or pets at home. So, instead of doing these things, go for a professional tile and grout cleaning approach only.

3.Scrubbing With Wire Brushes For Removing Grime in Grouts

If the chemical cleaners don’t work, then people start using wire brushes to remove the dust and stains from grouts. Now, scrubbing the grouts with wire brushes will remove the seal and finish it. It will temporarily remove the stains but make your tiles and grouts more prone to attract harmful particles.

Do Grout Pens Really Work?

Yes, grout pens are easy and effective in use. But, it is a temporary solution to a problem and if you apply it wrongly, then it seems like a costly option. So, stop using any harmful chemicals or any other tools if you are not experienced in them. Because it will not only reduce the shine of your tile flooring but will also reduce its lifetime.

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