What Is The Process of Grout Sealing At Home?

Process of Grout Sealing At Home

Grout is a cementitious paste that joins two adjacent tiles. It doesn’t provide any support to the tiles, but it fills in space between them. And since grout contains sand, making it porous. Therefore, it absorbs any liquid that comes in contact with it, especially water. 

Now, having a grout sealer in place stops the grout to absorb any liquid. Excessive water in grouts can give rise to mold growth and other problems in the tile flooring. So, now you know the importance of grout sealer, but what is the process of grout sealing. 

Well, here is the catch! This blog shares simple methods to seal your grout and protect them from harm.   

How To Seal Grout On The Tile Floor? 

There are several methods that you can use to seal grout on the tile floor at home by yourself. Whether it’s to seal or repair cracked and worn grouts, there is a lot of manual labor involved in it. With all instructions clear, let us learn how do you apply grout sealer.     

⇒ Use A Brush

In this method, the transparent sealer is applied to the grout with the help of a brush. When performing this activity, be careful not to spill the sealer all over the tile flooring. Small splatters are okay, though.

This is an extremely hard method to seal the grouts. It is labor-intensive and will break your back while doing this. There also be a lot of mess as the sealer won’t get on the brush properly and splatter everywhere.     

⇒ Use A Roller

You can use a roller to seal the grouts. Dip the roller in the sealing solution and roll them on the grouts along the tile seam line. This method is faster as you don’t need to reapply it again and again.

Well, the rollers are messy too but still a lot easier to use than a brush. Even the output is much better. The sealer stays relatively closer to the tile seam line without spreading to the tile surface.  

Use A Spray 

Although using rollers is easy, it is still quite labor-intensive as you have to sit on your fours to do the sealing process. However, with this method, you don’t have to break your back at all.

The sealing liquid you spray on the tile flooring gets easily soaked by the grouts due to them being porous. The sealer won’t stick to the smooth surface. However, you will have to clean up the entire area, which can take more time and effort.

Hire Professionals!

The most easiest and convenient option is to hire tile and grout cleaning services. Professional tile and grout cleaners will clean as well as seal the grouts more successfully than you.

So, anytime you have the trouble of sealing your grouts, contact Infinity Carpet Care in Roseville. Our professional tile and grout cleaners will use the best products to clean and protect your tile flooring.

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