Preserving Your tile: Three Tips For Helping It Last

Preserving Your tile_ Three Tips For Helping It Last
October 3, 2022

When it comes to decorating our home, we often ignore the floors and take care of decorative items and interior designs. But with constant use, a layer of dirt and grime accumulates on the tile surface, making it look dull and grimy.

Since tile floors occupy a large area of your home interior, it plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your home. Furthermore, skipping cleaning and maintenance not only makes it look dirty but also leads to wear and tear, reducing its lifespan.

Even though tile is a hard surface and resistant to wear, you have to be very careful while cleaning because improper cleaning does affect the tile and may lead to damage.

Here in this blog, we will discuss effective tips for tile maintenance that can keep your tile looking appealing for a long time.

Tips for Tile Maintenance

Clean Regularly 

There is a no better tip for tile maintenance than regular cleaning. Most of the problems with tile floors occur because of the accumulated dirt and grime on the tile surface. Cleaning will ensure the tile remains free from soil and dirt particles. Experts suggest vacuuming your tiles every day or on alternate days, doing wet cleaning every week, and doing professional deep cleaning once a year.

Act Immediately On Stains 

Nothing can be worse than stains on your tile surface. No matter how careful we are, one thing or another keeps spilling on your tile and causes stains on it. And if you have pets at your home, you have to face more problems as they urinate on your floors. If you ignore the stain for a long time, it becomes more difficult to remove, and you may end up damaging your tile while removing that hard stain.

Use Suitable Cleaning Supplies

This is one of the most crucial tips for tile maintenance. Believe it or not, the cleaning solution and tools you use for cleaning matter a lot. There are different types of tiles, and every tile type requires a different cleaning approach. As per your type of tile, choose the best suitable cleaning solution and strictly avoid using tools like hard-bristled brushes. They can cause scratches and other types of wear to your tile surface.


Pro Tip: Hire Professionals

No matter how carefully you clean your tiles using the DIY cleaning methods, you certainly don’t get the cleaning result as effective as professional cleaning. By hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner, you ensure that your tile and grout are deeply cleaned without any damage. The advanced tools and best cleaning supplies thoroughly remove dirt and grime, giving your tiles a shiny and spotless look.

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