Tips On How To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile

How To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile?
September 25, 2021

The main component that grout consists of is “Portland Cement”. For complete hardening, it usually only takes a few days or weeks after fixing on the surface. However, after hardening, old grout tiles are difficult to clean from floors and walls. So, how to remove dried grout from stone tile? Your first instinct may be to strip it with a metal tool such as a spatula, but this can damage the tiles. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your flooring sparkling clean.

4 Best Tips To Remove Dried Grout From Stone Tile

1) Scrubbing It Away

There is no ideal method or tool for removing hardened grout. Therefore, you must try and undertake this with trial and error. Plastic knives and scrapers made of rubber paint can be safely used on stone tiles.

You can also try scrubbing the solution with an old razor blade. If you’re using paint scrapers or razors, move horizontally in one direction to hit the base of the rest solution. In some cases, large pieces may break and leave flat residues. Then you should use a soft nylon sponge.

2) You Can Brush It

Clean With Brush or Sponge

In some cases, the grout material does not stick to the surface completely. The best way to find out if a grout can be easily removed is to scrub it with a dry cloth before using a soft nylon brush. If residue remains, you can try cleaning it with a stone-protected granite sponge.

3) Sugar Water  

Add regular white sugar to lukewarm water and stir. It should be proportional to 1 part of sugar to 10 parts of water. Sponge the grout from which you want to remove the sugar water, leave it for an hour. Now rub the grout applying more sugared water to keep it lubricated.

4) Water And Wood

Pour some pure water on the surface of the tile. It acts as a lubricant and prevents scratches on the tiled surface when you work. Rub the layers of grout with small pieces of wood. 

Work on the grout with light to moderate pressure until you have removed all the heavy grout deposits, and then rinse the tile with clean water. 

Wet the remaining grout and tile surface with clean water with a damp nylon scouring pad, keep the pads wet with plenty of water while rubbing. Wash the tiles with clean water and dry them with a towel. If the grout is not completely removed, keep running.

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How Do You Remove Dried Excess Grout?

Using a plastic putty knife is the best way to remove dried excess grout. Apart from that, you can also try the 4 methods listed in this blog for the same. If you have any other questions regarding keeping your stone floor clean and beautiful, contact Infinity Carpet Care for repairing the cracked and worn out grout areas. All of our products can be safe and suitable for all kinds of natural stones, including granite, marble, and slate.

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