5 Signs That Carpet Needs Replacement

5 Signs That Carpet Needs Replacement

Carpet is one of the daily used households. It provides warmth and comfort and improves the appearance of our home interior. Unfortunately, like every other thing in our homes, the carpet also has a limited lifespan. And it also requires replacement after a while.

There comes a time when your carpet experiences damage. In some cases, you can fix these carpet damages with the help of professional carpet repair services. But in some cases, you have no other option than replacement.

Here in this blog, we will discuss signs that the carpet needs replacement. It will help you to identify whether you should invest in carpet repair or get a new carpet for your home.

Signs That Carpet Needs Replacement

Visible Damage

Visible damage is one of the most common signs that a carpet needs replacement. High foot traffic and constant use cause excessive wear and tear on your carpet, leading to significant damage, which is hard to repair.

Small damages like burn spots, cuts, and minor holes can be fixed. But if the whole carpet is significantly damaged, replacement is the best option for you.

Permanent Stains

Carpet staining is unavoidable because no matter how careful you are, one thing or another will spill on your carpet and stain it. You can clean some of these stains, but others are very challenging or impossible to remove

So if the appearance of your carpet matters a lot to you, the permanent stains can be a sign that the carpet needs a replacement.

Unavoidable Odors

As the carpet gets old, a massive amount of dirt and grime accumulates in its fibers and becomes difficult to remove. This dirt and grime cause an unpleasant smell, which becomes intolerable at a point.

So if you are also experiencing such musty odors even after several professional carpet cleanings, it is a sign to get a new carpet.

Increased Allergies

The primary concern with an old carpet is the high chance of allergies. Your carpet is home to lots of allergens, pollens, and debris that can affect your family members having allergies or asthma.

An increase in allergic symptoms is one of the signs that the carpet needs replacement. So you might need to replace the carpet if there are allergic symptoms even after cleaning.

Mold & Mildew

Mold & mildew growth is one of the alarming signs that the carpet needs replacement immediately. Most of the time, it happens in case of water damage. When your carpet has excess moisture, there is a certain chance of mold and mildew growth.

You can get rid of mold and mildew with these steps, but only if it is in an early stage. If there is a significant mold infestation in your carpet, replacing it is the best option.

How Often Should Carpeting Be Replaced?

The average life of a carpet is 5-15 years. But factors like quality, foot traffic, use, and maintenance affect the lifespan of the carpet. For example, the carpet in the bedroom experiences less foot traffic compared to the carpet in the hallway. Which means the bedroom carpet will last longer.

Depending on the quality, you might need to replace your carpet every 5-15 years. However, in some cases,  if the carpet undergoes premature damage, it might need a replacement. The signs discussed in this blog will help you decide whether you should replace your carpet or not.

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