How Much Does Carpet Repair Cost in Roseville, CA?

How Much Does Carpet Repair Cost in Roseville

As your carpet goes through daily wear and tear, it starts showing signs that it needs repair. You start noticing tears, fraying, fading, rippling, etc. And if that’s minor damage, you may give it a quick fix on your own.

However, if your carpet has had significant damage, it needs professional attention. And one of the first things that come into your mind while considering carpet repairs in Roseville is the price. There are various factors that influence carpet repair costs; this blog will help you uncover them.

Factors that Affect Professional Carpet Repair Cost

Generally, repairing a carpet can cost you anywhere between $130 and $280 with an average being $200.


Just like any other service, there are many factors that determine the overall cost of carpet repair.

1. How large is the damaged area?

The larger the damaged section of your carpet, the higher it will cost you. Simply, the larger repairs to cover require more time and labor. Some carpet repair experts in Roseville can charge by hours while some by area.

In other words, a carpet repair, depending on the damage, can cost you around $60 per hour or $0.35 per square foot.

2. What’s the type of damage?

As mentioned earlier, a carpet can be damaged in different ways. It may have burns, snags, or holes. The edges of your carpet may be frayed, torn by your pet, or might have faded or bleached. It may have formed ripples or wrinkles. And there can also be extensive damage like water damage.

Depending on the type of damage, the repair costs will differ.

⇒ Burns, tears, and snags can charge you around $100 to $250.
⇒ Fixing loose carpeting (rippling, buckling, or wrinkling) can cost from $100 to $300.
⇒ Pet stains and damage can cost between $150 to $800.
⇒ Repairing bleaching or fading can go around $130 to $380.
⇒ And repairing a water-damaged carpet can go from $300 to $1,000.

Note that, irrespective of the type of damage, the complexity and extent of damage will play a major role in deciding prices.

3. Type of repair required

There are different types of carpet repairs. Depending on the damage, repairers decide on an appropriate repair process for your carpet.

Leveling damages like rippling or buckling may require stretching with a power stretcher across the room. This repair can cost you between $100 and $300.

Structural damage such as fraying, tears, burns, holes, etc., may require patching. This involves cutting a small damaged portion and replacing it with a matching patch. Patching may cost from $150 to $250.

And issues like bleaching or fading require carpet dyeing. Dyeing can be around $125 to $600. This process helps restore the original color that was lost or faded from your carpet.

The pros provide seamless dyeing with an exact color match that brings the original look back. This is one of the benefits of hiring local carpet repair services.

4. What carpet material do you have?

Certain materials are trickier to repair than others. And so, different carpet materials can influence the repair costs.

Materials like polyester are easiest to fix, costing between $1 to $1.25 per square foot. Whereas nylon carpets can demand $1.25–$2 and Acrylic can require $1.50–$3.

Wool carpets are more demanding ones, charging from $2 to $3.

5. Is there padding underneath that’s also damaged?

Sometimes, the damage on your carpet gets so severe that it damages even the padding underneath. Our professionals at Infinity Carpet Care suggest replacing the padding. And for that, you may have to pay anywhere between $0.75 to $3.75 per square foot.

6. Is there an extra carpet to do the repair with?

In certain repairs like patching, there is a need for spare pieces of extra carpet for repair. If you have saved some leftover carpet pieces from the original installation, it can help you save some bucks for the patches.

7. How old is the carpet?

The older the carpet, the more fragile it will be. And it will be equally difficult to have it repaired. Older carpets get worn out more. And their repairs are also more noticeable, requiring attention to detail. This can also affect the cost.

8. Is there furniture involved?

In order to fix the carpet, some repair processes like stretching require moving the furniture off the carpet. The space should be free from heavy and fragile objects to avoid damage. So, if you wish the technicians to move the furniture, they may charge you around $60 to $80 per hour.

9. Does the room connect to any other areas?

This is yet again a consideration affecting the cost. If you have carpeting installed continuously across multiple rooms that are connected then repairing in one area can affect the carpeting of another room. So that adds to the cost as well.

10. Need for carpet replacement?

Sometimes, it is better and more affordable to replace the carpet instead of repairing it. 

If it has huge damage or permanent stains that cannot be repaired, these are signs that the carpet needs replacement.

Especially, if it has been water-damaged, chances are that the mold will destroy the entire carpet, making replacement better. This ranges from $950 to $3,030.

Summing up

Carpet repair costs in Roseville depend on various factors. They involve size, type, and extent of damage, type of repair, carpet material, and more. To get the exact estimate of prices, it is best to schedule an in-home estimate. The carpet repair technicians will arrive and inspect the repair and will suggest the appropriate price as per the damage

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