How Do You Clean Discolored Tile?

How Do You Clean Discolored Tile?
September 10, 2021

There are many different reasons that lead to the discoloration of tiles. Sometimes, when you use harsh cleaners to remove the tile stains, then they cause discoloration while cleaning. Apart from that, the soap buildup in bathroom tiles, high humidity levels, mold, mildew, porous grout, etc. are the reasons.

However, it is always recommended to avail professional tile cleaning services if the stain is stubborn. Also, you should do proper research on cleaning techniques before trying any DIY tricks. Then, how do you clean discolored tile? Know the best ways below.

Best Methods On How Do You Clean Discolored Tile

According to the stain type on the tiles, the cleaning method will vary. So, know here the different causes and solutions for tile discoloration.

1) Cleaning Mold Using Lemon Juice

Mold formation mainly occurs in the bathroom tiles due to moisture and wetness occurrence. Sometimes, when you use the wrong cleaning methods to clean hard water stains from bathroom tiles, mold forms there. This mold may lead to the discoloration of tiles. So, to solve that mix equal amounts of lemon juice and baking powder in a bowl. Then, spread this solution in the mold-affected area on the tiles. After some time remove the solution and rinse the affected region with water.

2) Scrubbing Stain With Baking Soda

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When you use baking soda to scrub your tile stains, it may form streaks in the tiles. If any residue of this baking soda remains in the tiles, white spots are formed in it. For this, you can try a simple trick: Take ¼ cup white vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda, 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid soap, and 2 gallons of hot water. Mix all these ingredients in the bowl. Spray this solution on the discolored tile region.

3) Using Citrus Cleaners

Excess use of readymade citrus cleaners can harm the tile color and shine. So, it’s better to try natural cleaning methods. Take a jar and add some orange peels in it, Also, add a quarter of white vinegar in it. Then, allow the solution to sit for 2 weeks. After this time, pour the solution into a spray bottle and add little water to it. Now, spray this liquid on the tile stains. It will give a good fragrance in your house.

How Do You Clean Old Faded Tiles?

As such you can use different tricks to clean the old faded tiles like vacuuming, using vinegar solutions, mopping with warm water, etc. But, you need to always remain cautious that while cleaning, discoloration of tiles does not happen. So, a professional approach is a safe one.

Infinity Carpet Care located in Roseville has well-trained and skilled experts who use the latest tools and solutions for tile grout cleaning. We also ensure to safely clean your tiles and not lead to any kind of discoloration on it.

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