Got your carpets cleaned? Wondering how long will it take to walk on after carpet cleaning? Well, you are not alone! Many people have concerns about the time taken by the carpets to dry completely. However, these people don’t know that the drying time depends upon many factors.

Factors Affecting Carpet Drying Time

1. Type of Cleaning

The drying time of carpets mostly depends on the cleaning technique. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) uses water to clean the carpets. It takes 6-12 hours and sometimes even more, after cleaning for the carpets to dry off.

Dry carpet cleaning is another carpet cleaning process. It uses very little water to clean carpets. Thus, the carpets dry-off very quickly, i.e. in around 1-2 hours. Therefore, you can choose this carpet cleaning method in emergencies.

2. Carpet Type

The drying time of carpets also depends on the type of carpet. Some carpets absorb more water than others, such as wool. Woolen carpets absorb more volume of water than nylon and polyester. Thus, taking up to 24 hours to dry completely.

3. Humidity & Temperature

If the area you’re living in is more humid, then your carpets will require more time to dry. Dry air permits moisture to evaporate quickly and helps the carpets to dry off quickly. Thus, the drier the weather, the faster the result.

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What To Do To Boost Carpet Drying Time?

1. Ventilation

Open doors and windows to maintain proper airflow in the house. Air can help the carpets to dry off quickly.

2. Use Standing Fans

You can use standing fans to increase the airflow, this can greatly help in drying off the carpets.

3. Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Use a wet vacuum cleaner to quaff the moisture from the surface of the carpet. Make sure to dry off the corners after steam cleaning.

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