Facts About Color Sealing from a Professional

Facts About Color Sealing from a Professional
November 14, 2022

Tile and grout are popular flooring options among homeowners because of their high durability, shiny appearance, and low maintenance. However, the tile and grout in your home also require some care to remain in their best condition. And if you skip it, the floor becomes grimy and dull.

Along with cleaning, grout sealing is an essential step of maintenance. Sealing improves the appearance of your floor, reduces wear and tear, prevents mold and mildew growth, and prolongs the life of your tile and grout.

Besides that, nowadays, people prefer grout color sealing. Grout sealing is a method of coating your grout with a colored sealant that matches the shade of your tile. Read the blog to learn some grout color sealing facts you must know.

6 Facts About Color Sealing from a Professional

Fact 1: Color-Sealed Grout Gets Dirty

People often think they don’t need to worry about cleaning because they have color-sealed their grout. The fact is that color-sealed grout is likely to accumulate less dirt and grime, but it also requires regular cleaning.

Fact 2: Color-Sealed Grout is Easy To Clean 

Grout is porous and traps a massive amount of dirt and grime, which is difficult to clean. On the other hand, the sealant is non-porous and prevents dirt and grime, making it easy to clean.

Fact 3: Sealing Requires Acid-Based Chemicals

To effectively apply the sealant, grout is first treated with an acid-based chemical. An experienced professional will choose a suitable and safe chemical for indoor use that is harmless for your family and pets.

Fact 4: Color Sealing Won’t Remain Forever

Depending on the foot traffic and the quality of the sealant, the color sealing will peel off after some time. The sealing of an average home remains for a year, and the grout needs to be resealed after that.

Fact 5: There Are A Lot of Color Sealants 

There are enormous shades of color sealants available in the market. You can choose the color shade that is closest to your tile color. It will give an appealing look to your floor.

Fact 6: Professional Grout Sealing is Effective

When you hire a professional color sealing company, you can be assured about a high-quality sealant that is safe for indoor use. Moreover, the experts will effectively apply the sealant so that it remains on your grout for a long time.

Bottom Line 

The tile and grout floor is durable, visually appealing, and easy to maintain. You should take proper care to maintain its original appearance for a long time. Grout color sealing has many befits, including improved appearance, reduced wear and tear, and prevention of mold growth. You should consider investing in professional tile and grout sealing as it is more effective than doing it on your own.

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