Tips For Preventing Mold After Water Damage

Tips For Preventing Mold After Water Damage
November 6, 2023

Water damage is a common problem in many homes. This damage can pave the way for mold growth, which can be a serious menace for you and your family members. That is why it is essential to deal with it quickly.

To know what you need to do to prevent mold from growing after water damage, do read this blog. We have explained some of the most useful tips in the most simple way to keep this fungus at bay in the first place.

6 Pro Tips To Eradicate Mold After Water Damage

⇒ Stop The Leak Immediately

Locating the source of the water is the first step to take after water damage. If the water is leaking from a pipe, make sure to cut off the water supply to the pipe.

If the leak is coming from a roof or window, cover it with a tarp or other waterproof material until you get it repaired. Once you’ve stopped the leak, clean excess water as soon as possible.

⇒ Get Rid Of Excess Water Quickly

Next, it’s time to remove surplus water. There are basically two ways to do this task. The first one is to use a plastic bucket to remove a large amount of water.

The second is to use a wet-dry vacuum. Wet-dry vacuums can effectively pump out 5-10 gallons of water per minute. It is much easier to do and takes a few minutes to complete, compared to the former task, which can be physically strenuous and time-consuming.

⇒ Dry Wet Floors, Furniture, And Carpets

After removing excess water, you should focus on minimizing moisture. Mold spores are present in the air and need moisture to grow. If the floor, furniture, carpets, or even rugs remain wet, they can become a perfect environment for mold to thrive.

For drying these surfaces, simply place towels over the wet areas to absorb maximum water. You can also use fans or dehumidifiers for this purpose. Apart from this, wipe down surfaces that consistently collect moisture, such as bathroom floors or window sills.

⇒ Make Sure To Replace Damaged Items

If a particular structure or item has been severely damaged, it is best to replace it. Take for example, a carpet. Carpets are made of porous materials that easily absorb water and harbor mold.

If the carpets are not dried out properly, or if you notice a slight change in their color, they should be replaced. Another example is drywall or a piece of furniture. If they remain wet for more than 48 hours, change them quickly.

⇒ Disinfect Walls, Floors, And Other Surfaces

The last task for you to keep mold away will be to disinfect the impacted areas. Mold spores can grow on any surface as long as it has moisture. Disinfecting the areas and furniture like floors, walls, and wardrobes can kill any mold spores, eliminate bacteria, and prevent them from growing again.

⇒ Mold Remediation Experts At Your Help

Water damage can be an unfortunate incident. But more unfortunate can be the growth of mold. This fungus can spread harmful health problems like respiratory infections and asthma.

With the help of the steps mentioned in this blog, you can prevent the growth of this fungus effectively. However, sometimes you can’t act fast. So, in such cases, you can call our experts at Infinity Carpet Care. We use the right cleaning method and equipment to kill this fungus before it finds a way to grow.

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