Does Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Work?

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Does Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Work?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Yes, professional tile and grout cleaning works like a charm. Here are the reasons why professional tile and grout cleaners are worth hiring:

  • Use of High-Grade Cleaning Equipment and Solutions: Tile and grout cleaning experts have all the needed high-grade cleaning equipment and solutions to clean your tile flooring well. They can remove deeply trapped dirt and debris easily from tiles and grouts.
  • Your Tiles Last Longer: Getting your tiles professionally cleaned on a regular basis helps to keep them in top-notch condition. Thus, they last for a long time.
  • No More Back Pain: Tile and grout cleaning is harsh on your back. The continuous crouching position adopted to clean the tile flooring leaves you with severe pain.

How Often Should Tile Floors Be Professionally Cleaned?

To keep your tile floor in good condition, get them cleaned by experts at least twice a year. You can time this cleaning before the summer and spring break to get the best results. But this timeframe change as per certain conditions:

  • Condition of Your Tiles: The more dirty, stained, or discolored your tiles are, the more frequently you will need to call up professionals for cleaning them.
  • Traffic: This is the main reason for heavy wear and tear on tiles. Therefore, if your tile floors are subjected to heavy traffic, then they need more TLC from professionals.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Tile And Grout?

Cleaning tiles is important to maintain the hygiene of the space. Tiles mostly suffer from dirt, debris, discolorations, stains, mold, and germs. This all can also result from bad cleaning practices. The cost of professional tile and grout cleaning varies from $240 to $750, with an average cost at $550 for steam cleaning your tile flooring.

Customer Reviews

Rodney & his crew is are truly great! He was kind enough to fit me in last minute and was quick. Did an PHENOMENAL job on the tile cleaning & carpet!!! I expect the cleaning to be good of course but What impresses me? Is how down to …
danielle Benson

Super happy with their service, Rodney was very friendly, professional and helpful when I called asking a bunch of questions before receiving service.
The day of service was quick and efficient, and done really well, our carpets looked …
Jessica Bronzini

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